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I still have to say this sometimes.

Say hello to Batgirl. ›

(I have this overwhelming urge to get on her, all self-deprecation aside.

So.. say hello? She follows the New 52 timeline but I’m willing to interact with anyone.)

#(DO IT)  


Pfft…I’m shaking. -rolls his eyes again-

[Brief irritation.]

You asked for it.

[A foot slips between his legs, catching on the back of his knee as she jerks her body backwards.]


Hmpf. Don’t you go telling me what to do. -rolls eyes-

Roll your eyes again and see what happens.

((Ask limit)) “Yeah, well, why not.” She shrugged and smirked in such a way that she looked almost exactly like Wally, “I mean, I may as well be the best at everything, right?”

[A grin spread across her lips - Iris was someone she could come to like. Hell, she already liked her.]

At everything?

[Brow quirking, she couldn’t help but laugh. She really was a West.]

You sound more and more like Wally as I talk to you.


-narrows his eyes as she points to his chest- Pfft….well…I’ll try.

[The narrowing of his eyes had her mirroring him, brows knitting over dark gray.]

Try harder.